Young researchers’ workshop 2017

Young researchers in Freudenstadt/ Schwarzwald

April 2017: Young researchers in Freudenstadt/ Schwarzwald

27 young researchers working in projects within the priority programme met from April 10 – 12, 2017 at “Hotel Zollernblick”, Freudenstadt/ Schwarzwald to present and discuss their results among peers.
Talks of participants
The meeting was organised by Samuel Lenz, Heiko Bamberger, Dominik Bloos and Michal Kern who are currently working on their PhDs at Stuttgart University.

The organisers
Invited guests were
  • Lapo Bogani , Oxford: Coordination chemistry, nanomagnetism and nanoelecronics
  • Johannes Majer, Wien: Superconducting and atomic qubits
  • Graham Smith ,St. Andrews: High-field EPR
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